The Design Trends of the Year!

The Design Trends of the Year!

by TYT Studio | March 21, 2017

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Trends and changes in the field of web designing are inevitable. Therefore, it becomes necessary for the designers to follow the trending design interests. Though there are a lot of trends arrive and vanish, the best one stays and the better one gets modified. For successful Online and web businesses, a perfect web design is a must. A fresh design that meets the business and design trends is what the designers strive to achieve among the good players in the field.

The designers may look forward many innovative designs to be on board this year, let us have a look at what can we expect in 2017.

1. Let’s Go Age Responsive

As how the advertisements are now shown as per the users’ prior interests and age, there is advancement towards pulling appropriate content and information in accordance to the users’ age. We may also expect age responsive color schemes, legitimate fonts and web design to please the users’ experience in future.

2. Make Interactions Micro Mini

Highly interactive websites are the users’ favourite. As the micro interactions go user specific and friendly, they are welcomed fervently by the users. The smart tools like Azure and Mockplus are serving the designers in this. But soon the micro interactions are going get micro mini, where the users can get more specific service. The interactive mobile applications will get more specific and communicative through the micro mini interactions in the upcoming years.

3. Customized Illustrations

We can expect that the custom illustrations reaching popularity in future, as the stock photos are found to be monotonous. While illustrations communicate and decorate the websites at the same, the need of customization is necessary for a designer. The designers’ creativity can explore many extremes through custom illustration and the websites will get recognized for their uniqueness.

4. Interactive Storytelling

To differentiate yourself from the other players in the field, just frame an interactive storytelling format to get the users’ engagement. Interactive storytelling will involve users to scroll the slides to get the information in the form of a story. All that the designers will need here is an interesting and engaging copy. This complex process would likely fetch the designers tons of appreciation.

5. Responsive Screens

The reception for responsive designs is enormous and the requirement is increasing every day. A well crafted design that perfectly fits all the screen has become the basic requirement of any web business. Hence, responsive sites are trending and will be developing further.

6. Semi Flat Designs

The trendy flat screen design, after the launch of windows metro, has gotten a vast reception, but the users found some difficulties in clicking on their options. To overcome this difficulty, the designers are now concentrating on semi flat designs with some effects to ease the users’ difficulty in picking their desired option.

7. Increase In Parallax Adoption

The usage of parallax effect with a lot more precision will likely to become the designers’ favourite in the upcoming year. This effect, where the background and image move in two different speeds when the page is scrolled down, will aesthetically add richness to the website. We can expect parallax effect with improved technology in the use henceforth.

8. Full Screen Video Attraction

The most loved full screen video backgrounds will rule the web design world this year. The most appealing full screen video backgrounds can grab users’ attention in a fraction of second and hence the designers will experiment more on it. The era’s high speed internet will support the users better in viewing the creative video backgrounds.

It’s the time for replacement,

The most recent and powerful web designing software like Sketch, Affinity photo, Affinity Designers, etc., will put back Adobe in the forthcoming years.

The UI UX designers begin to rely more on the new software, as they are easy to learn and flexible unlike the complicated older ones. The alternatives are required to save time and to meet the trends.